Course Directors

Shaheen Khazali

Dr Khazali is an endometriosis surgeon based in London and Surrey, England. He leads the busiest tertiary referral endometriosis centre in the UK at St. Peter’s Hospital and has focused his practice, both private and NHS, almost exclusively on advanced endometriosis surgery. Dr. Khazali has a particular interest in gastrointestinal and urinary tract endometriosis excision and in Neuropelveology.

Shaheen is the Honorary secretary of the British society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE). During his 10 years on the BSGE council, he founded the newsletter of the BSGE, rebuilt its website and established its video library. He is also the Honorary secretary of the International Society of Neuropelveology (ISON) and an Honorary senior lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Dr. Khazali has a passion for teaching endometriosis surgery and is known for his innovative and structured approach in training the next generation of endometriosis surgeons. He has trained many surgeons who are now leading experts in the field and run successful endometriosis centres, both in the UK and abroad. He is regularly invited to international conferences to lecture on surgical techniques and recent advances in endometriosis surgery.


Mohamed Mabrouk is a Consultant Gynecologist and Minimal Access Reproductive Surgeon, with special interests in endometriosis, advanced endoscopic surgery. He works in Cambridge Endometriosis and Endoscopic Surgery Unit (CEES-U), Cambridge University Hospitals, UK

Heisan AssociateProfessor of Obstetricsand Gynecology at Alexandria University, Egypt.In addition, he isthePresident of the MiddleEast Society of Gynecologic Endoscopy (MESGE).

Hereceivedhis training andearned the European Board in Obstetrics and Gynecology and MDfrom BolognaUniversity, Italy.He obtained his PhDin Endometriosismanagementfrom VUMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.He was appointed as a consultant GynaecologySurgeon in the Sacred Heart Hospital in Negrar,Verona,Italy.Heworkedas a senior consultantin theEndometriosis Centre of Bologna UniversityHospital,Italy,untilMarch2019,thenhe moved to CambridgeUniversity Hospitalsto helpestablishing theCambridge Endometriosis and Endoscopic Surgery Unit (CEES-U).

Mabroukisa recognisedinternational expert in the field of endometriosis,surgical anatomyandminimally invasive surgery. Heis regularly invited to speakor operateatNational/Internationalcourses/congresses on thesesubjects. He has a keen interest in teaching complex endometriosissurgeryin the UK, EuropeandInternational.

He isauthor and co-author of numerous(> 70)International, peer-reviewed publications and firstauthorof a book on “Clinical Management of Endometriosis”.