6- Day immersive course
in the French Alps

20th- 27th January 2024

Spaces are limited and registration will close as soon as capacity is reached

We surgeons are a unique bunch! Our learning style is different. We can’t stand listening to a series of boring lectures that could have easily been done by watching a video or reading two pages of text. We want interaction. We want discussion. We want chats over dinner with our peers to see how they do things differently. We learn by hearing about our colleague’s mistakes and anecdotes not by reading textbooks.

Endometriosis Surgery From A-Z

Pre-Camp Preparation

Essential videos and papers will be released 3 months before the Bootcamp so that we don’t waste time going through theoretical knowledge that can be done at home

Focus on surgical techniques

It is amazing how much you can improve your technique by discussing videos. Asking for feedback on your own surgical videos and watching other’s work.

Interactive lectures

The curriculum has been carefully thought through, with clear objectives in mind. There are a storyline and an endpoint.


Spending a whole week with a group of like-minded colleagues, guided by the faculty provides a unique opportunity to learn from peers, in the classroom, at breakfast or on the slopes

Course Directors

Shaheen Khazali

Mohamed Mabrouk

For more information

Email: ISEMIGoffice@gmail.com